Print orders are shipping around 2 weeks time. Thanks for your patience!

Shipping + Policies

Shipping Pricing​

  • Shipping Oil paintings is a costly affair and all shipping fees are estimated based on size and the current USPS rates. Handling fees are also included in that estimate.

Shipping times

  • Paintings will be sent out within 5 business days through USPS. (excluding oil painting print sales)

  • Oil painting PRINTS have a 3week processing time + and addition week for shipping. All prints are created after pre-purchase.

  • After your order has been shipped out, the transit time depends on the destination. Deliveries typically arrive within 2-4 days. 

  •  Different delivery times apply to commissioned works, "pre-order" items and during the holiday season.

Packagin g - For addt. info see the FAQ's Page

  • All prints are safely packaged to ensure that the prints will withstand even the longest and bumpiest of voyages.

    • I use high quality, durable packaging.

    • In the unlikely event that a print arrives to you damaged, don’t worry, I've got you covered. Just drop me an email  at, and I’ll help you to either get a new print or your money back.

  • All originals are safely packaged in either re-used or recyclable cardboard materials. 

    • Additional handling fees apply to larger pieces.

  • All shipments are insured and trackable.

  • The addressee may be required to sign for the delivery depending on the value of the shipment.




I hope to satisfy all collectors and customers and I handle each sale and commission with the utmost transparency and clarity as possible. Please take the time to read my listing descriptions carefully, and check colors on different screens if color variation is a concern. I attempt to photograph each piece of work to capture it’s most honest, and true-to-life color representation, but realize the colors may vary slightly in person. That being said...

All sales of original artwork are final.

If you have any concerns, please CONTACT me directly.

What happens if... My artwork arrived damaged OR was not delivered OR was lost OR was stolen from my doorstep. Is this something you can help with?

I am not liable for any mishandling or failed delivery by the shipping service (USPS, UPS, or FedEx) or any damage that occurs post-delivery. I make it a priority to prepare each order with care in sturdy packaging so that it arrives undamaged, and I recommend that you handle your new artwork with care when framing and hanging. Please remember that I cannot control how shipping services handle a package, and I am just as saddened as you are if any damage occurs in transit!

In order to protect my clients' and collectors' interests, I do insure every original piece of artwork I send. If the artwork is damaged due to USPS mishandling the art, you can file a claim through USPS. 

Not Delivered / Lost / Stolen: If your package is marked “Delivered” and yet is nowhere to be found on your doorstep, please first check your confirmation email to ensure that you input the correct shipping address. If it was incorrect and the shipping service returns the package to me studio, I am more than willing to send it to your correct address, though I ask that you pay for the postage. If the address is correct and you believe your package to have been lost or stolen, you must contact the shipping service personally. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything I can do on my end, so I am unable to address any failed delivery or theft issues directly, however you can file a claim with USPS. 

Returning an item
  • Once your order has arrived, you are free to examine the items in a similar manner as if in a shop, allowing you to confirm that they are what you ordered and wanted.

  • In the unfortunate event that you are not absolutely satisfied with your order, I’ll be happy to accept a return with a full refund of the purchase price.

  • To return an item, please let me know about your decision by contacting me within 14 calendar days from the moment that you receive the goods. I will then provide you with more information about how you can best return the items.

  • Please make sure to save the original packaging in the case that you would like to send the goods back.

  • Kindly note that all returning costs (shipping fees) are the buyer's responsibility.

Receiving a refund
  • Once the goods have been returned and inspected, I will issue a refund to the same payment account that you have used at checkout.

  • If an item is returned to me damaged, this will be reflected in the refundable amount.

  • I am currently unable to accept cancellations or returns for custom-made items, gift cards and downloadable products. 


How to care for handmade art


Here are just a few basic rules courtesy of Robyn Bellospirito:

  • "Never lean the front or back surface of a stretched canvas on a pointed or sharp object, no matter how small. This will leave a dent that will disfigure your work. If you must lean it against something, lean it on the wood of its stretcher bars so that nothing presses against the canvas.

  • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will fade the colors in your oil painting. Please be aware of this when choosing a location for your work.

  • You might want to dust your painting regularly, so that a thick layer of dust does not build up which will dry out the paint and possibly result in cracking and peeling. Do not spray anything (like pledge) on the work. Dust with a soft, dry paintbrush. If the surface of your painting looks dry and dull, you may want to have it re-varnished. Varnish is a protective surface which will not only enhance the image, but will keep the surface intact and safe from cracking (except under extreme circumstances, of course). Please research different varnishing products if you, for any reason, do this yourself.

  • If you must transport the work, lay a flat piece of cardboard, mat board or similar firm material over the front and back surfaces, and then wrap it gently. Try not to keep it wrapped up for too long as to avoid moisture buildup which might cause damage to the work.

  • Never expose your painting to extreme heat, extreme cold, or to extreme humidity. (Yes - this means a flood. Yes - this means a fire. Yes - this means snow. This could also mean an attic in the summer or a damp basement!).

  • If something bad happens to the work (i.e. it crashes down on someone's head and gets a big gash in it), bring it to a professional conservator who can fix it properly.

  • If you ever need or want to get rid of the work for any reason, always contact the artist, who should be informed of the work's new whereabouts so he or she can update the work's provenance records. Never, ever destroy or throw away an original work of art!!! If you absolutely can't keep it for any reason, offer to give it back to it's creator."


  • Although some prints look great even without a frame, if you wish to make sure that your print stays in the best condition for as long as possible, framing is recommended.

  • Avoid high humidity, and make sure that the print doesn’t come into direct contact with the glass - this may cause condensation to build up at the point of contact, leading to yellowing.

  • The print should be kept at room temperature, and out of direct sunlight.

  • To store your print for an extended period of time, for example in a drawer, wrapping the print in acid-free paper will prevent yellowing.