I'm Katelyn Betsill - Del Vecchio of KBpaint.

I'm a contemporary western artist currently based in Far West Texas. I live with my photographer husband, Scott, in a restored 1977 Airstream Land Yacht.

Most of my work is inspired by the vast landscape of west Texas and beyond. Although most of my artwork depicts western landscapes & lifestyle themes, I love expanding my artistic skills and knowledge through exploration of various types landscapes and subjects. 

If you'd like to learn more about me, follow me on instagram @kbpaint.

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Artist Bio:

B., 1994. Katelyn R. Betsill is an American oil painter.

   Primarily a self taught painter, Katelyn Betsill began studying painting in early 2017 following her move to the rural town of Alpine, located in the wild and vast Chihuahuan desert.

   Mainly a western figurative & landscape painter, Betsill believes in painting what is familiar to her, featuring the Big Bend landscape as well as western figures that reflect her own experiences working with horses and cattle. Her paintings are narrative and contemporary in theme.

   “I am drawn to the remoteness of the desert, a place that has no expectation yet holds so much beauty and life, completely perfect in its solitude. My landscapes reflect my own observations and experiences but focus the attention on nature and space in its unaltered state. I hope to communicate the feeling of being alone in nature, and only attract the attention of a viewer in the manner they would stop in real life, and just observe an extraordinary, natural sight or fleeting moment of vibrant light. I prefer to capture modern moments, but I focus on creating a setting that could fit into any time period that has come and gone. Just as we come and go, the land and its inhabitants will persevere.” – KB

   Katelyn Betsill was a featured artist and top 10 finalist in Western Gallery's 'New Western Talent" 2020, and selected as an emerging artist in Fort Worth's Main Street Festival, ranked #3 nationally.


   Relatively new to the art scene, Betsill's art is already gaining momentum at an outstanding pace. She currently lives and paints in an adobe house on a mountaintop in far west texas.


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